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The Four Elementals by kimqueg The Four Elementals by kimqueg
"Yes... they do exist..."

Original pieces:
[link] Dry'el
[link] Serral
[link] Amaris
[link] Perexiah

I wanted a wallpaper using the 4 elemental photomanips i had done so i whipped this up.
It feels good to have something done...

I give permission for =Photo-manips to submit and display this work.
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Hikari-the-wolf Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
AshleighBlair Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
Actually, I like the air/wind one. Wind is by far the most spontaneous of them all and to have her looking away in her own direction was great. Beautiful all around and well done.
ninque-elen Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
This is absolutely stunning.
The images work really great together. I would have expected more flame with the element fire but I really think this works great - leaves more of the face visible.

Great work!
laurenmullenasbella Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008  Student General Artist
i love this!! this might be one of my favorite photos ever! :D
Wannabe-evilsmurf Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2007
:jawdrop: amazing really this is superb!!! you have real talent!!
halaquinn-arcadias Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2007
:+fav: WOW This is so cool. I have seen a few pieces with this concept, but what I don't usually like about them is people often just edit the eyes or add in some small detail to represent the element. and change the overal tone of the image. But you have taken the time to really go into detail!! I LOVE this! Kudos!
TazounsBones Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:) Gosh! I wish there was a whole calendar of these :D good show tho'!

Enjoy your stay on DA :D I am! ~ :w00t: Ciao!
FireMoon-RedTalon Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2006
this is really cool, great work thanks for shareing.
isis Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2006
Out of all of them, Water and Earth are definately my faves :) Fire seems a little bit- off with regards to the others... but it is a nice contrast :)
kingwells-89 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2006
the water and earth ones are defo my fave =]
This is beautiful, it really caught me and I didn't want to look away.
Rodrighus Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2006
WoW. This is a absolutely great design. U really up a great level. This is amazing :+fav:
luscious-beauty Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2006
wow! i absolutely love this! it is like nothing i've seen (and i've seen a bit!) very very nice! a fav for sure!
IrehSangreDeLuna Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2006
wow, it's so powerful!! ^__^ +fav!
Bajorek Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2006   Interface Designer
great job.
Kyrrah Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2006
I like this one a lot =) nice stuff ins!
FrozenGothDreams Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2005   Photographer
very nice! i like the water one the most!
rozekuru Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2005
Oooh, beautiful.
Lady-Magenta Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2005
Mmm.. this is a lovely piece that manages to not clash despite all the elements (geddit?) I love the water one and the earth one. To my mind, the Air one looks a little scary :O_o: I'd say it was the weakest of the four, perhaps because she doesnt conform to the pattern of straight-on portraits the others have.. she also is looking to the side, distracted, while the others are in their poses. Otherwise i like this very much.. it is an interesting approach to this theme.
kimqueg Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2005   Digital Artist
It was a little harder to capture something like wind and clouds and make it look pronounced. This was the only stock piece that i could find that had the expression i was looking for also and was also the one that took the most work. Who woulda though that making something look simple would take so much work? ;)

Thanks for the crituque
Blue44 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2005  Student Writer
this is really cool. i like water and wind
euphoria066 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2005  Student
I really like this. all very good manips, love the earth one the most.
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November 7, 2005
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